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Asher Twist card trick with four aces.

$19.95 - List Price: $22.95 (13% off)
Formats: MP4 or Dvd

Four Ace Card Trick Tutorial

One at a time, four aces revolve face up then face down again, delighting your audience each time it happens. As a finale, all the aces perform an about face in an amazing fashion. Borrow four cards if you'd like because they have to see it to actually believe it!

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Thunderbird Ace Production by Lee Asher

$16.95 - List Price: $19.95 (15% off)
Formats: PDF

4 Ace Card Production Tutorial

Picture bringing your hands together, in front of you, and an ace magically appears between them. Without hesitation, you take this newly produced card, and effortlessly split it into two aces. The 3rd & 4th ace materialize right out of thin air - at your fingertips!

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Brown Lee Asher 605 Playing Cards

$11.95 - List Price: $13.95 (15% off)
Available in: Green & Brown

High Quality Playing Cards

With the signature touch of Lee Asher, the expert hands of Spanish card manufacturer Fournier, and the prestigious Lloyd's of London approval - meet the 605 playing card series. These high quality playing cards are made in Vitoria, Spain & imported to the US.

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Losing Control moves a card to the top of the deck.

$19.95 - List Price: $22.95 (13% off)
Formats: PDF or Booklet

Slick Sleight of Hand Tutorial

Easily bring any selection to the top of the deck. This technique does not rely on packets transposing under the cover of heavy misdirection or sweeping hand gestures. If you want to master a control, without spending a lifetime, then Losing Control is definitely for you.

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Catch 33: Three Card Monte by Lee Asher

$21.95 - List Price: $24.95 (12% off)
Formats: PDF

Smart 3 Card Monte Tutorial

Each time they play three card monte with you, the audience falls into bright traps you've set. Catch 33 Three Card Monte tutorial teaches you how to use beautifully choreographed sequences to continually manipulate your spectator into choosing the wrong card.

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Diving Board Double Lift by Lee Asher

$16.95 - List Price: $19.95 (15% off)
Formats: PDF

Look Like An Expert With Cards.

Many magicians are switching over and using the basic version of the Diving Board Double in place of their regular double lift. If you'd like to improve your card handling exponentially, then familiarize yourself with techniques more powerful than the ones you are already know.

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DivingBoard Double Lift by Lee Asher

$23.95 - List Price: $27.95 (13% off)
Formats: Booklet including poker chips

Plays Big, Packs Flat.

Three different colored poker chips begin in the right hand, spread at the fingertips. Without any fast movements or flashy distractions, the chips begin traveling across magically over to the left hand – one at a time! They visually appear at your fingertips. Fooled Penn & Teller!

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Zenith Card on Ceiling.

$32.95 - List Price: $37.95 (13% off)
Formats: Dvd including Special Gaffs

Ultimate Card On Ceiling

After a card is chosen, signed, then returned, all the cards are placed back into the card case. Without any trickery, the entire deck up tossed upward so the boxed cards hit the ceiling. The deck falls back down but magically, the signed card appears suspend on the ceiling!

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Blue Seal Bee Playing Cards

$14.95 - List Price: $16.95 (12% off)
Available in: Red & Blue

Cincinnati Made Playing Cards

Printed at United States Playing Card Company's Cincinnati plant, these cards were manufactured with premium grade casino bee card stock and the ever popular proprietary cambric finish. Contains a tamper resistant Bee security strip + an authentic blue seal.

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Coin Snatching by Keith Pascal

$29.95 - List Price: $34.95 (15% off)
Formats: Book

How Fast? Not Fast Enough!

Learn to snatch a coin like expert Keith Pascal. He walks you step-by-step through different methods of stealing a coin from a participant's hand and leaving another in its place. The participant won't have any clue that a coin switch was even made. Yes, it's really that damn good!

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Nu Sense Mindreading Tutorial by Alain Nu

$24.95 - List Price: $27.95 (11% off)
Formats: PDF

Mind Reading At Its Finest!

You are about to control the power of divination. And the best part ... this routine is simple, effective, versatile, and designed for everyone from the beginner to the advanced professional. You're going to love it. Just promise use your new super powers for positive things!

Read Minds With Nu Sense
Stack Attack by magician Lew Brooks

$19.95 - List Price: $22.95 (13% off)
Formats: PDF

Self-Working Card Miracles

One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of a card-worker is the pre-arranged or "stacked" deck. When performing with a stacked deck, the entertainer is usually free from worries about sleights that might go wrong or a gimmick that won't 'do its thing' at the proper moment.

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Blue Angel Ascal Playing Cards

$11.95 - List Price: $13.95 (15% off)
Available in: Red & Blue

High Emboss Playing Cards

Originally produced in Japan by Angel Playing Card Company, these uncanceled casino playing cards were intended for the Pacific Cruise Line gaming tables. With spring like premium casino stock and an Air Cushion-esque finish, these durable cards are built to withstand constant use.

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