• Catch 33 Three Card Monte Trick Tutorial
"Much more than a mere gambling expose, Catch 33 is almost an act in itself. The psychology is beyond clever." - Guy G. (New York, USA)

Catch 33 Three Card Monte Tutorial

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3 cards. 2 of them lose. 1 wins.

Find the queen. Each time they play the game with you, your spectator falls into subtle traps you've set. They receive an authentic lesson on the con game that is not a game at all. Using beautifully choreographed sequences, you continually manipulate your spectator into choosing the wrong card. They can't help themselves!


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Three Card Monte Trick

Three Card Monte

Try to find the lady and win money!
Gambling Demonstration

Several Phases That Entertain

Impromptu Gambling Demonstration.
Three Card Game

An ending that will blow minds!

A torn corner transforms in their hand!

Catch 33 - Full Details:

Real Street Con + Magical Approach

You rip off a corner of the winning Monte card. A spectator holds the torn corner in their hand. Amazingly, the winning Monte card restores itself perfectly on the table. The piece held by the audience member magically changes to a corner of a losing card. You WILL look like an expert! NO TRICK CARDS used in Catch 33:Three Card Monte.

Catch 33 borrows actual moves taken from the real street con and combines them with an entertaining magical approach and excellent psychology. Once you find out how this routine works, you will never want to perform any other 3 Card Monte routine again

"The look on people's faces when they think they know the right card, but actually pick the wrong one. Great magic!" - Carlos O. (California, USA)

Detailed Card Tutorial

Over 30+ pages of instructions & photos are provided to quickly help you learn this routine. Even if you're a beginner, this tutorial walks you through the entire process from start to finish.

Anywhere Is Perfect

Perform this routine surrounded; at a restaurant, trade show, or private party. Insert it into a gambling demonstration. Use it when you want audience participation.

Explanation Video Included

As a bonus, you get a performance video of Catch 33 as a learning tool. This clip, shown from the audience's perspective, will help you picture each sequence and learn the routine faster.

Table of Contents
  • The Hype
  • The Mid Air Lay Down
  • The Grecian Turn
  • Ripped
  • Sosi Switch
  • Kaiser Con
  • Bonus Ploy
  • Final Thoughts by Lee Asher
  • Credits

Is Catch 33 For You?

Most Three Card Monte routines are story-based and don't allow spectators to play. Designed to fool a room full of laypeople, Catch 33 astounds many of the sharpest magicians watching. If that's something that interests you, then Catch 33 Three Card Monte is right for you.

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