"When I first saw this tutorial, I thought Lee was using more than four cards. Wrong! I could watch him perform the Asher Twist over & over. It's like watching real magic!" - Daniel K. (Texas, USA)

ASHER TWIST ♤ Amazing Ace Card Trick Tutorial

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Learn This Cool Card Trick!

One at a time, four aces revolve face up then face down again, delighting your audience each time it happens. All the aces fantastically perform an about-face as a finale.


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Asher Twist Card Trick

Asher Twist

Amazing Magic!
Cool Card Trick

Cool Card Magic

Perform it over and over.
Four Ace Magic

4 Regular Cards Used

Four ace tricks will never be the same!

Asher Twist - Full Details:

The Card Trick That Fools Magicians!

Follow along with four regular aces in hand as you learn this visually explosive technique. Taught in detail by the originator Lee Asher, you'll discover exactly how to develop the finesse needed to make your handling of the Asher Twist look smooth & magical.

"This is a symphony of honesty, purity & motion!" - George M. (California, USA)

"I'll grade you A+ on the Twist video. Very well lit, photographed, and edited and your explanation is clean, concise, and very pleasant. I wish you would give a seminar on how to create effective, quality videos." - Bruce J. (Kansas, USA)

Detailed Tutorial

This 20+ min. explanation of the Asher Twist is shot with multiple angles to help you quickly learn this fantastic technique properly. There is no need to waste time learning sleights that don't carry your magic forward.

Transform Your Magic

Imagine performing this four ace routine, any place at any time. You don't need any unique cards, nor any extras—just four aces, your hands, and a robust technique that fools the best of them.

Be Better Than Before

Stop the suffering. Discover the proper way to perform this routine. Too many people try and watch a Youtube video for the explanation and waste their time. Learn directly from the source.

Table of Contents
  • A performance of the Asher Twist
  • Explanation with Multiple Angles
  • Learn Angles To Improve Your Handling
  • Eliminate Sound When Performing
  • Patter Tips & Suggestions
  • Mathieu Bich's Back Twist / Asher Twist Handling (cards not included)
  • Wesley James Displacement
  • Example Of A Practical Use
  • Final Thought by Lee Asher

Is The Asher Twist For You?

If you're looking to learn a versatile technique that you'll use in other routines and for the rest of your life, then look no further. The Asher Twist is for you.

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