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Imagine having a seasoned magic consultant like Lee Asher on your team, bringing a lifetime of magic knowledge, over 25 years of industry experience, and a unique network of contacts to turn your project into a resounding success.

Leverage 25+ years of industry experience to bring your project to life.

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Testimonials About Lee Asher
  • Lee Asher successfully helped lead a vision to share our project's core values of spreading joy, wonder & love in the Dominican Republic. From our time stopping stunt on national TV viewed by millions all the way to making it snow on this tropical island for those who have never seen snow before, thanks to Lee's ingenious thinking we clearly created meaningful illusions in grandiose fashion.

    Bolivar J. Bueno- Curiosidades, CEO
  • For almost ten years Lee Asher worked with me & my theatre in Niagara Falls. Through thick & thin, Lee was always there making sure my boat stayed afloat. He's one of the best in the business and ANY project benefits when he's involved!

    Greg Frewin- Greg Frewin Theatre, CEO
  • Lee Asher is one of the best magic consultants that I've had the distinct pleasure of working with. He's a fountain of knowledge and has a real sharp eye for detail. Plus he has endless magic resources available at his finger tips. When in doubt, call Lee Asher!

    Jo Deng- Magic House 37, CEO
  • I've been in the TV business a long time so I knew what we were up against. Yet it felt like Lee Asher waltzed in on this project, knocked it out of the park, then proceeded to go home for dinner. This guy is f**king amazing!

    J McMahon- Sirens Media, Producer
  • Lee Asher is one of the coolest dudes I know. Working with him is always a pleasure. From boiling hot days to sudden stormy rainy days, no matter what the universe offers, Lee's always able to shine a bright light on the situation and solve whatever problems are in front of us.

    Kemin Zhang- JSBC Street Show, Consultant
  • It's a true pleasure to invite Lee Asher to be the Ocean of Dreams Director of Video Broadcasting. Lee used his real-world expertise to ensure that our audience of 8,5000 people received the best magic experience possible.

    Yi Long- Ocean of Dreams, Executive Producer

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