Magic & Playing Card Articles
Care & Condition Your Playing Cards
Break In Your Deck
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 15 min. Read

Learn how to break in a deck of playing cards by reading this complimentary manuscript. After years of experimentation and practice, the techniques contained within have given me great success. Now it's your turn to learn to care for your cards.

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Amazing Magicians Tv Show filmed in Nanjing, China
Amazing Magicans
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 22 min. Read

Learn all about JSBC's Amazing Magicians tv show, a grand scale magic competition reality show with a $50 million dollar budget, filmed in Nanjing, China. Also read about my meteoric rise to becoming a celebrity magic judge along side Fan Bing Bing, China's most famous actress.

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Magic Gone Wrong
Magic Gone Wrong
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 6 min. Read

Ever performed magic for a group of people, only to realize it's not ending as expected? Remember the feeling you got when it happened? Terrible! It's hard to take a breath when the wind has been knocked out of you! But with each breath, comes strength & courage.

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Learn to date a deck of playing cards
Date Your Cards
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 7 min. Read

Have you ever wondered when your playing cards were manufactured? How old are they, really? Read this quick informative article and learn how to expertly date a deck of playing cards so you can know when it was made.

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Internet Magic Connections
Internet Connection
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 8 min. Read

The internet helps make connections with others who share similar interests like magic. These associations force the examination of my thoughts and feelings. This kind of introspection allows my soul to make truthful decisions.

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Grade Your Playing Cards
Grade Playing Cards
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 9 min. Read

What condition are your playing cards in at this moment? Not really sure? Not a problem. Learn how to grade your playing cards by listening to this quick interview as well as reading this short article by playing card experts Thomas & Judy Dawson.

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Making real connections with magic
Making Connections
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 9 min. Read

South African magician Andrew 'Magic Man' Eland teaches us how to use our magic skills to make a real difference. He proves that in the end, no matter what, being human is the most magical connection we can ever make.

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Titanic Playing Cards
Cards On The Titanic
Written by Tom Dawson | Approx. 6 min. Read

Believe it or not, playing cards have been recovered from the R.M.S. Titanic which sits on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Read this article by Thomas Dawson and learn more about the playing cards that lasted through this maritime disaster.

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Store Your Playing Cards Properly
Store Playing Cards
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 4 min. Read

After purchasing some playing cards, where & how should they be stored? Humidity, light & manhandling take a toll on your cards. Answers on how to store your playing cards and more are found within this short must read article.

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Youtube Exposure in Magic
YouTube Exposure
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 15 min. Read

Do you feel strongly about exposure in magic? If so, you're entitled to that view. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of staunch advocates who think YouTube and the Internet jeopardize the art of magic as we know it.

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Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards
Jerry's Nugget Cards
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 20 min. Read

Jerry's Nugget Casino Playing Cards (made by USPC) are highly prized & over the years they have become increasingly valuable. Find resources here to help educate you about buying & owning this kind of vintage deck.

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52 Plus Joker
Card Collectors Club
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 5 min. Read

Since 1985, 52 Plus Joker the American Playing Card Collectors Organization has promoted the wonderful hobby of collecting playing cards to enthusiasts all around the globe.

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