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"After reading Nu Sense, I went and tried it a few times. Believe it or not, I was asked to do a paid show!" - Jim J., (North Carolina, USA)

Nu Sense Mind Reading Tutorial

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Wield the power of divination!

Imagine having the capacity to determine the whereabouts of borrowed objects such as a key, a watch, and a ring while turning your back. Nu Sense is the pinnacle of mind-reading!


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Nu Sense Mindreading Tutorial

Borrow any ring.

No gimmicks; just well composed mentalism.
Read minds like a pro.

Borrow any key.

Amaze and amuse with your whimsical mind reading.
Power of Divination

Borrow any watch.

Even fool magicians with ease!

Nu Sense - Full Details:

Learn This Mind Reading Technique

"OMG! This is so smart;" - Carlos L. (Nevada, USA)

Envision having a conversation with someone. As you talk up your livelihood, you take out your business card. However, before giving it to your potential client, suggest showing her something magical with it first. Setting your card over to one side, joke "I’ll give you this (pointing to the business card) if you enjoy what I do".

Borrow a ring, a watch, and a key. Line them up in front of your new acquaintance. Explain that while your facing away, the objects get mixed, so there is no way you (the magician) will know their position. With your back still turned, your volunteer randomly switches them around for you to mentally tune into each object.

Once tuned in the spectator is asked to focus on one object at a time. Still facing away from the audience, and with your mental intuition, you instruct your participant to choose the objects – one at a time freely. This is done until one object is on her finger, another one is on her wrist, and the remaining one is in her pocket. When you turn around, you find that the watch is on her finger, the key is on her wrist, and the ring is in her pocket.

She believes your plan has gone seriously awry. Nonetheless, you prove triumphant (as you calmly point to your business card), stating that a prediction had been previously written on its back. When asked to turn over the business card, your potential client finds that your prophecy matches exactly the volunteer's strange configuration!

Everyone is shocked and impressed, but more important - the client is left with your business card (a souvenir/prediction in one), as well as a magical story about mind-reading which she can share with her friends forever.

NOTE: This mind-reading routine is a handling of Bob Hummer's Mathematical Three Card Monte. It's an impromptu mentalism demonstration, which has been proven to work in all situations.

"While a rough description of this routine has been published in a very obscure, hard-to-get set of lecture notes, this is the first time I've crafted a manuscript solely dedicated to this piece of magic. Extra thoughts, patter, and a brand new handling are included as well as the detailed explanation that will teach you to perform this routine exactly like I do." - Alain Nu (Washington D.C., USA)

Step By Step Tutorial

Over 20+ pages of instructions, photos, and a video are provided to help you learn Nu Sense quickly. This routine will make you look like a mind-reading expert around any magician.

Get Strong Reactions

By the time you finish reading this tutorial, you'll have a basic understanding of how to perform Nu Sense. After a bit of practice, it won't take long for you to start receiving significant reactions.

Explanation Video Included

As a bonus, an explanation video is provided for you as a learning tool. The explanation, shown from the performer's point of view, will help you learn Nu Sense successfully.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • What's Nu Sense
  • What's Needed
  • The Basic Principle
  • Building Up To The Big Finish
  • Final Thoughts
  • Also included: An over the phone handling
  • Downloadable audio patter
  • Historical credits + more

Is Nu Sense For You?

If you're looking for a solid piece of magic that allows you to create a sense of mental phenomenon, then look no further. The best part is the tremendous mind-reading ending. Leave everyone with your business card/souvenir prediction in one, as well as a magical story that they can share with friends forever.

Purchase your copy today or still have questions? Just Ask. Perhaps you're looking for another self-working piece of magic?

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