"It's not a version of 3 Fly. It's the BEST version of 3 Fly!" - Penn & Teller (Nevada, USA)

Three Stylin Poker Chip Trick Tutorial

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Plays So Big, Even Those In The Back See.

Three different colored poker chips begin in the right hand, spread at the fingertips. Without any fast movements or flashy distractions, the poker chips begin traveling across magically to the left handone at a time! In the end, all three poker chips visually migrate to the left-hand fingertips.


Including Poker Chips.

Three Stylin Poker Chip Trick

Packs Small, Plays Big.

Three colored poker chips start in one hand!
Coins Across Variant

Based on the Three Fly plot.

Learn this poker chip trick tutorial.
Three Colored Poker Chips

The Trick That Fooled Penn & Teller!

Special Poker Chip Set included.

Three Stylin - Full Details:

Make Poker Chips Fly

You've seen Simon Coronel fool Penn & Teller with his handling of Three Stylin. Now it's your turn to fool people.

No matter where you live, color crosses language barriers. Without color, you have just another common coin effect. Depth, in coin magic, can be challenging to translate visually. Without depth, the effect gets lost. Color makes it easy to distinguish between objects.

"The colored poker chips adds so much to the piece of magic that I will never go back to using coins again." - Al A. (Las Vegas, USA)

Detailed Tutorial

Instructions & line drawings are provided to help you learn this routine. Even if you're a beginner, this poker chip tutorial walks you through the entire process from start to finish.

Anywhere Is Perfect

Perform this routine at a restaurant, trade show, or private party. Insert it into a gambling demonstration. People love to watch this magic trick.

You Can Do It

With a small amount of practice, you'll have the ability to make poker chips magically travel from hand to hand.

Seven Compelling Features:
  • Instantly Resets
  • Fits in Your Pocket
  • Designed For Close Up & or Stand Up
  • Automatic Misdirection Built In
  • Accessible To All Skill Levels
  • Unlike Coins, Poker Chips Make No Noise

Is Three Stylin For You?

Three Stylin comes with detailed instructions on how to perform this poker chip trick. It also contains valuable thinking and information which will help with all of your coin magic in the future. If that's something that interests you, then Three Stylin is right for you.

Purchase your copy today or still have questions? Just Ask. Perhaps you are looking for another coin magic tutorial?

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