Break In A Deck Of Playing Cards

Approx. 15 min. Read | Written by Lee Asher
Image of Complementary card and conditioning guide detaling how to break in your playing cards

Care & Condition Your Deck

"Do I really need to?" - Anon.

Love Your Playing Cards

Magicians MUST take the time to condition their decks before performing and not expect a deck to operate without any preparation. Having your decks conditioned ensures one less issue to worry about during your presentation or performance. But how can you break in your cards? No one ever taught you how, let alone the proper way to do it.

It's All About To Change

After years of experimentation and practice, the techniques contained within this manuscript have given me great success. Now I offer them to you, for your benefit. Although specifically designed for the 605s or any varnished deck, the conditioning techniques found within this free PDF work with any brand of playing cards.

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Complementary Manuscript's Table of Contents

  • - Introduction
  • - Conditioning your deck of cards
  • - Lee Asher's 20-minute drills
  • - How do you know when you're finished?
  • - Essential tips & warnings
  • - Give your 605s a bath
  • - Microwave the deck
  • - Humidity vs. Lee Asher Series 605s

How long does it take to break in a deck of 605s?

On average, it takes about ten hours to break in a pack of Fournier 605s. The conditioning process gets broken up into drills that only take 20 minutes to perform. Practice these every day over four weeks, and you'll have a reliable, conditioned deck that's comfortable and familiar to handle.

Why should I care enough to break in my 605s?

Find your sleight of hand improving using a conditioned pack of 605s. Your cards stay aligned as if stuck together with glue, or the two blocks of cards you're holding a break between allow only a single card to propel into your palm during a side-steal action. Suddenly, riffle shuffle work, block push through techniques, strip outs, and side steals feel more precise and refined with a well-conditioned pack of 605s. The same goes for faro shuffles, passes, palming, and other controls because they become less demanding and strenuous to execute.

How are 605s different from other decks available?

Learn to care for your 605s by giving them a proper cleaning. Sure this is all time-intensive, but it's worth it! It also means not having to throw away your deck of cards. That's a considerable trade-off.

Download This Complimentary Manuscript

Download the free conditioning and cleaning guide for your Lee Asher Series 605s here.