• Losing Control Sleight of Hand Tutorial
"I swear this fooled me a dozen times before I HAD to know the secret. To this day, there isn't a more clever piece of sleight of hand I've seen." - Roderick H. (Washington, USA)

Losing Control Sleight of Hand Tutorial

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Easily Bring A Selected Card To The Top!

Unlike other controls you can learn, this clever sleight of hand technique gives you the ability to have a card selected, plainly and cleanly placed back into the middle of the deck, and yet have the card secretly remain on the top of the pack. This move is invisible.


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Spread Playing Cards Both Ways

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No gimmicks, just clever sleight of hand.
Clever Technique To Move A Selection To The Top

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Easy Card Control

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Losing Control - Full Details:

Cool Card Control

The Losing Control technique does not rely on packets transposing under cover of heavy misdirection or sweeping hand gestures like the classic pass or cull. After learning this sleight of hand technique, you'll agree that this method is extremely effective, devilishly bold & genuinely economical.

"So simple, yet so brilliant!" - David K. (New York, USA)

Detailed Tutorial

This PDF manuscript is filled with twenty (20) color photos shot with multiple angles to help you quickly learn this fantastic technique the proper way. There is no need to waste time learning sleights that don't carry your magic forward.

Shrewd & Direct

Many magicians worldwide consider Lee Asher's Losing Control one of the shrewdest & direct card controls ever designed.

Explanation Video Included

You also receive direct access to five (5) short accompanying instructional videos to help you to learn this technique with ease.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction To The Losing Control
  • History of the Technique
  • What's a Reversed Spread?
  • The Losing Control: The Basic Handling
  • Alan Ackerman Addition
  • Tabled Version
  • Vertical Handling
  • Final Notes on the Losing Control

Is The Losing Control For You?

How long have you been practicing a move like the classic pass? It's been over twenty years, and I'm still working on mine! One day I'll master it, but until then, the Losing Control is my preferred way to control a card to the top. If you feel the same way, the Losing Control is for you.

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