• Ascal Playing Cards by Angel
"Owning an uncanceled casino deck is akin to owning a piece of gambling history!" - Mark N. (California, USA)

Angel's Ascal Casino Playing Cards

$13.95 - List Price: $15.95 (15% off)

Japanese Made Playing Cards.

Originally produced in Japan by Angel Playing Card Company, these uncanceled casino playing cards were intended for the Pacific Cruise Line gaming tables.

With spring-like premium casino stock and an Air Cushion-esque finish, these durable cards are built to withstand the constant use of gambling patrons handling them.


Blue background, white dots & casino logo.

Ascal Angel Playing Cards

Manufactured by Angel.

High Emboss Playing Cards for Gamblers!
Ascal Playing Cards made by Angel

Made In Osaka, Japan.

High Emboss Playing Cards for Magicians!
Printed by Angel

Magicians, Cardists, Gamblers & Collectors Appreciate Ascals.

High Emboss Playing Cards

Angel Ascal Playing Cards - Full Details:

Pacific Rim Casinos Love 'Em

A clear favorite among Asian gaming circles, Angel Playing Card Company prints the majority of cards for Pacific Rim casinos and Cruise Lines (found in Macao, Korea, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Malaysia & many other places).

"I bought this Ascal deck from Lee on a whim, and now it's one of my favorites!" - Jake B. (Michigan, USA)

Uncanceled Casino Decks

These cards do not have any holes punched through them, corners cut, or black marks muddying up the edges of the deck like most casino decks for purchase - these are uncanceled. This fact adds dearly to their value.

Quality Playing Cards

These cards are poker sized, plastic-coated & come with a fine silky embossed paper for smoothness and longevity. These Ascal decks do not come cellophaned or come with any jokers. These are 100% original. NOT facsimiles. First come, first serve.

Imported From Japan

ANGEL was established in Japan more than fifty years ago and has been involved in domestic and international sales of playing cards, puzzles, and other game cards. They manufacture all their items at their factories in Osaka, Japan.

Six Compelling Features:
  • High Silky Emboss (finish)
  • Imported from Japan
  • Designed for gamblers, magicians & cardists
  • Available in Blue
  • 52 cards only: No jokers or advert cards
  • Uncanceled casino deck

Are These Playing Cards For You?

Angel Ascal Playing Cards aren't for everyone. They are borderless, plus they feel slick & slippery. Because they are Japanese stock, they also have a slightly different texture from an American-made playing card. If this sounds like something that interests you, then Ascal Angels are right for you.

Purchase some Ascals today or still have questions? Just Ask.

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