• Lee Asher 605 Playing Cards by Fournier
"The quality of 605s are magnificent. As soon as you grab the cards you feel the smoothness of the edges." - Paul K. (Louisiana, USA)

Lee Asher 605 Playing Cards

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High Quality Playing Cards.

With the signature touch of Lee Asher, the expert hands of Spanish card manufacturer Fournier, and the prestigious Lloyd's of London approval - we present the 605 series.

Made in Vitoria, Spain and imported to the USA.


Vintage green with white filigree scroll.

Vintage brown with white filigree scroll.

605 Playing Cards

Manufactured by Fournier.

High Quality Playing Cards for Magicians!
605 Playing Cards

Made In Vitoria, Spain.

High Quality Playing Cards for Gamblers!
Printed by Fournier

Magicians, Cardists, Gamblers & Collectors Appreciate 605s.

High Quality Playing Cards

605 Playing Cards - Full Details:

Attention To Detail Like No Other

This luxurious deck of cards was created with an exclusive selection of the best raw materials and a manufacturing process equipped with strict quality controls. Exquisite attention to detail.

"Holy SH&%! I've never held a deck like this before. I truly love them!" - David R. (Boston, USA)

Unlike Other Decks

The Lee Asher Fournier 605s are impeccably printed, free of defects or marks, and finished with an exclusive varnish formula guaranteeing a precise slide. Thanks to the individualized cutting system, all the cards are equal, with perfectly rounded corners and superb borders.

Quality Playing Cards

Constant innovation, the desire to improve the quality of their playing cards, and the exquisite attention to detail make Fournier one of the world's leading card manufacturers. 605s are designed to maintain their original form and handled for many hours without symptoms of wear, suffering, or any tears.

Imported From Europe

Founded by Heraclio Fournier in 1868, the Fournier card company is located in Vitoria, Spain. In 1986, they were purchased by the US Playing Card company. However, they keep their old-world style of printing which differentiates them from other printers globally. Fournier makes the 605 series decks in Vitoria, Spain.

Six Compelling Features:
  • Varnished, not finished
  • Cards can be washed lightly
  • Designed for gamblers, magicians & cardists
  • Available in Vintage Brown or Green
  • 55 cards including two jokers & advert card
  • Deck will last for years and years

Are These Playing Cards For You?

605s aren't for everyone. It can be said they feel thick & smooth, opposite to a thin textured playing card. Because they are European stock, they take upwards of (10) ten hours to break in. That takes some work and hand strength. If this sounds like something that interests you, then 605s are right for you.

Purchase some 605s today or still have questions? Just Ask.

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