• Carat Case by Carat Creations
"Worked out really well for holding a set of Russian playing cards my wife had from her college trip 25 years ago - including the box that was a little ripped. It looks fantastic, taking a ragged looking memento and making it look like a gem." - John G. (Ohio, USA)

Carat Case For Playing Card Decks

$11.95 - List Price: $13.95 (15% off)

Store & Display Playing Cards

Show off your playing card decks in style, all while protecting them from the harsh elements.

This classy archival-quality playing card accessory makes a bold statement in any collection. Carat Cases are oversized to fit most decks and tuck boxes comfortably.

Carat Case Only AVAILABLE IN:

Single x1
Deck not included.

Carat Case For Playing Card Decks

Protect your deck

Display your cards with style
Carat Cases are strong clear acrylic boxes

Box made from strong archival quality acrylic

Four Neodymium magnets keep the lid closed
Carat Cases are used by playing card collectors all over the world.

Preferred by playing card collectors all over the world.

Oversized to fit the deck and tuck box.

Carat Case For Playing Card Decks - Full Details:

Store & Display Your Decks

Whether you're a serious playing card collector or just someone with a few interesting packs of cards, Carat Cases are durable and easy to use. Slip the magnetic top off and insert your favorite deck. Close the lid and proudly display your playing cards on the shelf or at your desk.

"I love Carat Cases. All of my best decks are housed in them." - Brendan H. (Toronto, Canada)

Sturdy and Stylish

Designed with four neodymium magnets (10x stronger than regular magnets), the lid to a Carat Case slides on and off with ease. Carat Cases also come with four rubber stickers to prevent scratches on the bottom, adding to their high-class appearance.

Built Tough

Created out of 5mm transparent archival quality acrylic sheets, Carat Cases are tough enough to withstand most elements. With their smooth beveled edges and sleek corners, it's easy to forget how durable they are. They are constructed to last for a long time.

Securely Enclosed

Keep your playing cards completely visible, dust-free, and out of harm's way by protecting them with a Carat Case. If you're looking for a classy way to show your prized possessions while protecting them at the same time, look no further. Carat Cases are for you.

Six Compelling Features:
  • Lid contains 4 neodymium magnets
  • Smooth beveled edges and corners
  • 4 rubber pad stickers to prevent scratches
  • Made from 5mm acrylic sheets
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Deck not included with Carat Case

Are These Carat Cases For You?

Carat Cases for your playing cards aren't for everyone. You have to own a deck of cards that you're willing to display. People will ask you about the deck in the Carat Case. It becomes a conversation starter. If this sounds like something that interests you, then Carat Cases are suitable for you.

Purchase a Carat Case today or still have questions? Just Ask.

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