• Bally's Casino New Orleans Riverboat Bee Playing Cards Uncancelled
"Owning an uncanceled casino deck is akin to owning a piece of gambling history!" - Mark N. (California, USA)

Bally's Casino New Orleans Riverboat Bee Playing Cards

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Uncancelled Casino Cards w/ Stinger Borders.

When Bally's Casino New Orleans Riverboat abruptly closed due to Hurricane Katrina, these Bee decks remained factory sealed, 'As Issued' -- individually cello-wrapped in brick boxes -- never to be used on the gaming tables again. These uncancelled, stinger-bordered playing cards are genuinely rare collectibles that can never be reprinted and are a great find for the avid card collector/aficionado.

Bally's Casino New Orleans AVAILABLE IN:

Hypnotized diamond background, stinger border, casino logo.

Bally's Casino New Orleans Bee Playing Cards

Manufactured by United States Playing Card Co (Cincinnati).

Cambric Finish Playing Cards for Gamblers!
Bee Playing Cards made by USPCC for Bally's Casino New Orleans Riverboat

Made In Cincinnati, Ohio.

Uncancelled Playing Cards for Collectors!
Printed by USPCC in Cincinnati, Ohio

Magicians, Cardists, Gamblers & Collectors Appreciate Bally's New Orleans.

Limited Supply - Get Some Before They Are Gone.

Bally's Casino Bee Playing Cards - Full Details:

History of the Bally's Casino New Orleans Riverboat

Opened in 1994 / Abandoned in 2005

Bally's New Orleans Riverboat floating casino, which was moored onto Lake Pontchartrain, used to be located right off St. Charles St. at 1 Stars & Stripes Blvd, New Orleans, Louisiana. The casino provided gaming services like Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, slots, and video games. Bally's Casino New Orleans was a former subsidiary of Caesars Entertainment Inc. which sold (2005) to Columbia Sussex Corporation for $24 million dollars. But during the first year of ownership, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Bally's New Orleans was not spared.

"These decks feel so damn good to play with! I should buy more before they're gone." - Steven F. (Washington, USA)

Never To Open Again

The storm's massive surge lifted the Bally's New Orleans casino barge from its moorings and deposited it onto a dry dock area atop about 30 sailboats. The Bally's New Orleans Riverboat never reopened and was eventually abandoned. It's now owned by Orleans Levee District.

Quality Playing Cards

These cards are poker sized, plastic-coated & come with cambric finished paper for smoothness and longevity. These uncancelled Bee decks come cellophaned. These are 100% original. NOT facsimiles. First come, first serve.

Own A Piece Of History

These uncancelled playing cards are genuinely rare collectibles that can never be printed again and a great find for the avid card collector and aficionado.

Six Compelling Features:
  • Cambric Finish
  • Made at the Cincinnati Plant in Ohio
  • Stinger Borders.
  • Available in Red
  • Includes NY60 club special 92 Ace of Spades
  • Two Jokers Included

Are These Playing Cards For You?

Bally's Casino New Orleans Playing Cards aren't for everyone. They have 'stinger' borders, plus they feel slick & slippery. Because they are Bee stock, they feel thicker than a Bicycle deck. If this sounds like something that interests you, then Bally's Casino New Orleans uncancelled decks are right for you.

Purchase some Bally's Casino New Orleans playing cards today or still have questions? Just Ask.

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