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I'm a playing card expert & sleight of hand artist. Learn my secrets to award-winning card magic with fantastic original magic tutorials. You can transform yourself into a playing card connoisseur.

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Fan Bing Bing & Zhang Shaogang watch Lee Asher perform his brand of card magic.

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I'm a second-generation magician developing original sleight of hand magic based on my life experiences as a playing card expert.

I've traveled the world twice over, sharing my brand of magic & spreading the love for playing cards.

"Lee Asher's free downloads about collecting playing cards or paid tutorials on original sleight of hand magic are beyond excellent!!" - Sid. P (Memphis, TN)

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A substantial playing card collection should always have at least one of these decks of famous brands like Fournier, Bee, Tally-ho, Ascal & more.

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