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Why I printed the 605 series with Fournier

In recent times, almost anyone making custom printed decks dealt strictly with the Cincinnati / Erlanger branch of the US Playing Card company. While those decks being mass-produced are decent, they certainly lack the raw materials, care and quality control that some European card manufacturers offer.

For instance:

1) Have you ever opened a deck of cards to find the long sides are not smooth to the touch?
2) Have you ever played with a deck cut in a way that the left border is larger than the right border?

If your answer is
YES to either of those questions, you're not alone! These are all-to-common issues when mass producing custom playing cards. But the Lee Asher signature 605 series is different.

Enter premier Spanish card manufacturer ~ Fournier.

Fournier Card Company. Premier card manufacturers.Founded by Heraclio Fournier in 1868, the Fournier card company is located in Vitoria, Spain. In 1986, they were purchased by the US Playing Card company. However, they continue to keep their old-world style of printing which differentiates them from everyone else in the world.

The main reason why Fournier was chosen to print the 605 series is because of the high standards and rigorous quality control they bring to the playing card manufacturing process.

Constant innovation, the desire to improve the quality of their playing cards, and the exquisite attention to detail have made Fournier one of the world's leading card manufacturers.

Superb Quality
Printed on Fournier's best card stock, the 605s are heavier and thicker than USPC's Casino grade cards. Each deck of the 605 series is free of defects, and is guaranteed to have a precise slide due to the special varnish formula used.

This varnish is exclusive of Fournier and follows a secret formula only known by two persons at the plant. It is this varnish which gives Fournier cards their unique feeling and sliding, plus the longer durability that makes them higher in quality than other cards on the market.

Afterwards the card sheets are dried in an oven and later, pressed. This process gives the cards more resistance and durability.

Lee Asher 605 series high quality playing cards (green)

Comes In Vintage Green
Price Per Deck: $10.99
Lee Asher 605 series high quality playing cards (brown)

Comes In Vintage Brown

Price Per Deck: $10.99
Lee Asher Series 605s Mixed Brick

Six (6) Brown & Six (6) Green
Price Per Brick: $98.88

Attention to Detail Like No Other
The attention to detail when printing is so exquisite that Fournier was granted an ISO 9001: 2000 certification (Lloyd's of London Register Quality Assurance). The most acclaimed insurance company in the world assures the quality process.

Each deck of cards go through twelve (12) different quality controls along the manufacturing process, including a final
Intelligent Eye printing check and an optical infrared light test to make sure that each deck contains 55 cards.

Unlike other manufacturers, all Fournier decks are cut one-by-one in order to guarantee that all cards (including the edges) have exactly the same size.

Noble Design
Design of the 605 series deck is simply elegant. While the original Fournier 505 back design is beautiful and classical, it's been modified and put to new use. Once out of pre-production, Fournier's art team dubbed them the 'Lee Asher 605 series'.

Rich Colors
As for color, they are not black, white, red, or blue. Rather, the first edition of these luxurious decks come in either a rich vintage green, or a regal vintage brown. (please click on the images below)

Simple Pleasures
Every little nuance has been thought of, making these cards perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Without a doubt, you will certainly feel the difference between my high-end 605 series decks and the ones mass produced in the United States.

Lee Asher 605 Series - Vintage Brown Lee Asher 605 Series - Signature Ace of Spades Lee Asher 605 Series - Vintage Green

Please click on the images above in order to enlarge photos for better viewing.

Would you like to purchase some 605s? Find more information about these high quality playing cards here.

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