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Format: Manuscript
Includes: Poker Chip Set
Feature: Resets Instantly
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Three Stylin' (TRICK)

Plays So Big, Even The People In The Back Can See

Three different colored poker chips begin in the right hand, spread at the fingertips. Without any fast movements or flashy distractions, the chips begin traveling across magically to the left hand – one at a time! They visually appear at your fingertips.

Watch Lee Asher Perform Three Stylin at a lecture in Japan.

This effect plays so big, even the people in the back can see and understand what's going on!

Now that Texas Hold-'Em and the WORLD SERIES OF POKER have taken everyone by storm, poker chips have become a common household item. You need to be topical - you will benefit by linking what goes on in the world with your magic.

"The colored poker chips adds so much to the routine that i will never go back to using coins again, " said Allan Ackerman.

You get a manuscript which includes detailed instructions on how to perform Three Stylin'. It also contains valuable thinking, and information which will help with all of your coin magic in the future.

A full set of large colored chips are supplied for easier handling, and your chips' surfaces come smooth - for silent execution.

Eight compelling features of Three Stylin':

  1. Instantly resets.
  2. Pocket sized
  3. Plays big and packs flat
  4. Great for close up and /or stand up
  5. Misdirection is built-in to the routine
  6. Three Stylin is accessible to all skill levels
  7. It's the most commercial international fingertip across poker chip routine available. (My opinion.)
  8. It won’t make loud noises in your pocket while walking or performing. (They won’t hear you coming!)

I want you to imagine...

You're stuck. You're performing magic at a private party, and the subject of THE WORLD SERIES OF POKER comes up. You want to perform, but the crowd keeps discussing Las Vegas. You feel the pressure. Then it hits you.

To the startled eyes of those around, you pull out your brightly colored Stylin' poker chips, execute a beautifully choreographed Three-Fly style routine where the poker chips magically travel from one hand to the other. Immediately – your audience raves.

You are an instant success!! A dream? Absolutely not! Within your ability? You better believe it!

No matter where you live, color crosses language barriers. Without color, you have just another standard coin effect. Standard coin magic lacks depth. Depth, in coin magic, can be difficult to visually translate. Without depth, the effect is lost. Color makes it easy to distinguish between objects. 

'Three Stylin' is a
color Fingertip Coins Across -- Colorful Poker Chip Routine

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