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Make Four Aces Appear At Your Fingertips

Imagine if you had real magical powers. How would you make four aces appear at your fingertips? Watch the video below.

Picture bringing your hands together, in front of you, and an ace magically appears between them.

Without hesitation, you take this newly-produced card, and effortlessly split it into two aces. The audience's gaze is riveted to your hands. Fearful of missing your next move, they don't even blink.

The third ace materializes right out of thin air - at your fingertips.

For the finale, with the cards held motionless, the fourth and final ace visually appears between the other three aces.  Your audience can not speak; they don't believe their own eyes.

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Dan Morrisey says, "I haven't purchased magic for myself in years. Thunderbird was my first online purchase, and all I can say is WOW!"

What is Thunderbird?
Thunderbird is the Modern Ace Production. When you finish, four aces sit attractively displayed at your fingertips. No gimmicks or trickery - just well-composed sleight of hand.

Motivation for a bare-handed ace appearance was to launch right into the
Asher Twist after producing four aces. Not satisfied with all the conventional methods, I toiled tirelessly to invent and design a production that would fit specific needs.

Thoughts on the Tenkai Palm
Tenkai Palm is the core technique used in Thunderbird. Even if you're a beginner, his clearly written chapter guides you every step of the way.

Thunderbird's Five-Step Formula
To explain Thunderbird: The Modern Ace Production the most succinct way possible, it has been broken down into five simple steps. By following these instructions, you will grasp the basic technique with a modicum of practice. 

Further Thoughts on Tenkai Palm
In this section, several tips and techniques are discussed with the intention of drastically improving your Tenkai Palm. Even if you are already an expert in Tenkai’s methods, this section should still be worthy of your time. These small insights come from years of using the technique in all types of working environments. 

Make your Tenkai Palm comfortable
At some point, while performing with the Tenkai Palm, you might find yourself in a situation where waiting before producing the first ace is prudent. It’s awkward to remain motionless with the cards in palm position. Several comfortable ‘hold’ positions are offered for your use. 

A Small T-bird variation for a change of pace, credits, and more.

*As a bonus, an explanation video is provided as a learning aid for this four ace card trick. The explanation is shown from the performer's point of view and will aid in your learning process.


Four aces sit attractively displayed at your fingertips, no gimmicks or trickery; just well-composed sleight of hand.

Instantly, you have engaged your audience with some of the most elegant and powerful card magic possible.

They swear it is some sort of high-tech optical illusion, but you secretly know - this is Thunderbird: The Modern Ace Production.

A note from Lee Asher:

"Even though this is a technically challenging routine, and it’s not for the faint of heart, I’ll take you by the hand. I'll teach you exactly what to do (and what NOT to do in some cases).

My clearly written instructions guide you every step of the way, and Dan Buck's video provides visual examples. When finished, there will be little room for any confusion, doubt, and indecision. It’s almost as if I were right there with you."

- Lee Asher,

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