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Create A Card Finger Chopper

If you like new twists on old tricks, or if you just like tricks where body parts look like they get cut off, this is for you! My friend Steve Fearson has created a very special PDF that teaches you how to create a card finger chopper.

Picture sticking your thumb through a hole, between two red cards stapled face to face. A blue card is then thrust between the red cards - right through your thumb.

If you like spending quality time with yourself building neat apparatus, and you're looking for something pretty clever and original -
Thumb Thing is perfect for you.

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"Blows me away how someone could dream up something like this and get it to work so well, you know. I cant wait to make one," says Mike C.

Thumgthing by Steve Fearson is a cool magic trick. Effect
Your thumb is stuck through a hole in the two red cards which are stapled face to face. A blue card is pushed between the cards and right through your thumb.

Card magics by Steve FearsonS Requirements
You need very little apart from a razor blade, a stapler, a measuring ruler, some spare cards and about 30 spare minutes to construct this special gimmick

do it yourself magic Inserting staples, cutting the hole, and other things...
Step by step detailed instructions, along with color photographs and a special template, takes you through the whole process to make Thumb Thing.

The Setup
Everything you need to know to make this effect work properly.

The Performance
Everything you need to know to perform this smoothly.

Extra tips and techniques for making Thumb Thing even better in your hands.

When you purchase this, it comes with detailed instructions and an amusing "make your own" special gimmick template which you print right off on your home printer.

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