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Self-working Miracles For The Beginner

If you are looking for simple, killer, magic with little practice - You have come to the right place! One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of a card-worker is the pre-arranged or stacked deck.

Many magicians avoid using a stacked or pre-arranged deck because they feel it is often too tough or time consuming to prepare their decks beforehand. Others feel that to use a stacked deck is to somehow "cheat." 

These magicians forget the object is to surprise, mystify, and above all to entertain those for whom they are performing. 

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When performing with a stacked deck, the entertainer is usually free from worries about sleights that might go wrong or a gimmick that won't 'do its thing' at the proper moment.

  • You can concentrate your efforts on the performance.
  • Your FULL attention can be given to achieving the intended effect.

You don't have to know any false counts, false deals, multiple lifts, passes, shifts or palming for the effects described herein.

You need ZERO knowledge to read and perform these effects!

While the author is certainly a capable sleight-of-hand worker, he has limited the selection of material in this collection to routines that are virtually


All of the effects included in this e-book will use some form of a stacked deck, usually just a few cards, sometimes a half-deck or so. Hence the title...

False False shuffle:
The idea is to employ a particular shuffling method that will appear to be a normal casual shuffle while at the same time you are actually “working” the deck into a final desired arrangement. You won't believe how easy it is to learn, master, and then perform.

Order out of Chaos:
All of the 13 cards of one of the suits are removed from a shuffled deck. These cards are then subjected to a series of additional shuffles and cuts. When finished, the 13 card packet is shown to be in perfect order Ace through King (or King through Ace if you prefer). Look and feel like a poker professional after you perform this!

Four Second Stack (based on an old John Scarne legend):
Explain that you developed the ability to stack a hand of four-of-a-kind to yourself in a 3,4,5, or 6 handed Poker game using the overhand shuffle method and that you could do it in only 2 or 3 seconds. Simplicity at its best...they will be fooled.

BugHouse Poker:
Relate how you entered a Poker Tournament and demonstrate how you produced the winning hand in a very unusual manner. Are you just lucky or is it magic? Absolutely NO SKILL REQUIRED.

Bughouse Blackjack:
A perfect follow-up to Bughouse Poker, but with a Blackjack theme. Like BugHouse Poker, learn to perform this immediately after reading it.

Kangaroo Kid:
An Aussie teaches you how to play “Outback Poker” with some magical happenings… and a couple of drinks. A real stunning self working routine you will add to your repertoire immediately.

LRB Stacking Demo:
This effect is a real honest-to-goodness gambling (cheating) demonstration. This routine is not meant to take anyone's money! The author takes no responsibility.

Poker Poetry:
It is a Poker deal with a twist. Not only do you produce good Poker hands while seemingly shuffling and cutting the cards, but the story has a “they lived happily ever after” type of ending. Women love this self worker of an effect.

High Card Poker:
Many years ago Lew Brooks was playing in a friendly Poker game when one of the players made the comment that he never seemed to get any high cards. That thought stuck with Lew and shortly thereafter this effect was born.

Red/Black Location:
Differentiate between red and black with just the touch of your finger. The method is so simple, you will fool yourself!

Invent your own stack:
Suppose that you like the concept of the False False Shuffle and have an idea in mind for an effect. Maybe in your effect you want to include some unusual handling procedures such as “double-dealing” (see The Kangaroo Kid) or maybe a “duck & deal” or a spelling sequence (all discussed in this manuscript.) It is usually pretty difficult to get from the desired ending back through all the gyrations to the original set-up sequence. Now you can invent your own stack using the Lew Brooks method.

There are no limits to your creativity now!

Also including a bonus section never before released, that you can only get here!!

Just ask Lew Brooks himself (author)

Stack Attack is a card manual that has a lot more than just technique! Stack Attack focuses on clever applications of a stacked deck which produce stunning results. This e-book includes my False False Shuffle, which is taking the magic community by storm. Finally, a deceptive false shuffle you can master in minutes!

You will receive nine complete routines, any of which you could immediately include in your act! I have also included the two routines that have built my reputation in the underground community: BUGHOUSE POKER, a gambling routine with a very shocking ending, and POETRY POKER, a guaranteed audience pleasing routine.

This is an e-book containing over 70+ pages along with many numerous diagrams. Nine complete effects are given, most with complete patter. Also, as a bonus, a template stack is given so you can create your own stack. I am sure that at least several original ideas will be of use to you, if and when you design your own effects and routines.

Look what everyone is saying about Lew Brooks' Stack Attack:

"Lew Brooks not only creates great card magic for magicians, he creates great card magic for real people!" - Allan Ackerman

"Lew, I always enjoy getting together with you. Your routines are clever, original, and entertaining. You're a friend - and a gentleman.- Mike Skinner

"Lew Brooks is a master teller of stories which he illustrates with card magic to entertain, fascinate, and flabbergast delighted spectators like me." - Looy Simonoff

"Off beat....extremely original selection of entertaining material with a gambling theme...Mr. Brooks is not only a clever and original magician, but a unique character possessed of substantial gambling expertise and experience." - Review by Genii's Jamy Ian Swiss

"...produces stunning results...each of Lew Brooks' themes is better than good and I like the lines and presentations...Highly recommended!" - Jeff Busby

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