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Diving Board Double:

Pretend for a moment you are the skillful card magician you have always dreamt of being. Commanding cards to make music at your fingertips like a conductor arranging music at a symphony is just part of the job description.

You are a true poet in motion.

May I ask you a personal question?
Which double lift do you use the most?

Many famous professional magicians are switching over and using the basic version of the Diving Board Double in place of their regular double lift.

Now It's your turn!


A brief description of everything you will find out in this manuscript.

Interesting Trivia
Tidbits of information that if used properly, will make you look like an expert on the double lift around any magician.

Basic Technique (Non-Acrobatic)
This is the workhorse of my whole sleight arsenal. If you have any interest in card magic, consider it the reason for purchasing my manuscript. I wrote it for beginners so they will be able to find out easily.

Advanced Technique (Acrobatic)
Caution, this advanced technique requires extreme practice, a lucky few will master it. Feeling lucky? I only recommend this technique for those who want to astonish spectators with massive feats of skill.

Four pieces of advice to help perfect either version of your Diving Board Double lift.

Fugazzi Ambitious sequence Bonus
A signed selection magically appears on top of the deck in a stylish way that will even impress you the performer!

The Exercise
This exercise works out your acrobatic Diving Board Double muscle. Arnold Schwarzenegger can't hang with this workout!

Behind the Back
Can you launch a double from behind your back and catch it on the deck? After reading this PDF, you will.

Deck Vanish using the Acrobatic Diving Board
The title speaks for itself.

"Production quality of the Diving Board Double, from illustrations to word crafting to layout, are all top notch. This method sets the bar," says Ken M

A note from Lee Asher:

If you want to improve your card handling exponentially, the secret to doing so is: familiarize yourself with concepts and techniques that are more powerful than the ones you are already acquainted with.


"Some people strive to be as natural as possible when performing magic. I, on the other hand, want to be super-natural." - Lee Asher

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