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Format: Shot in High Def
Length: 2hrs 26min Run Time
Region: Universal Play - Zone 0
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Discover The Backstage Life Of A Professional Magician

Professional magicians have to entertain people who are not expecting to be entertained. They have to use simple and commercial tricks in conditions made difficult by a lack of lighting, lack of space, and lots of noise. Now the powerful skills of one of the world’s top professional magicians are within your reach! Watch the trailer below.

Besides learning great tricks, David gives you all the essential knowledge for kick-starting your career as a semi-professional or professional magician. Here in lies the difference between all other restaurant magic instructional DVDs on the market today.

Learning from a professional like David allows you to speed up the learning process. He teaches you from his terrible mistakes, his grand triumphs, and his fifteen-plus years as a magician in some of Europe's most difficult venues.

After watching this DVD, you will learn tricks with: cards, coins, ropes, bottles, glasses, cash, napkins, roses, cigarettes, sponge balls, improvised magic, and a whole lot more.

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Routines taught on Real Secrets Of Magic Vol. 1

Produce two real red roses using flash paper. Efficient, charming and surprising.

One coin routine
A beautiful routine with only one coin. This is extremely visual with a real funny climax. David includes his complete thoughts on how this routine works.

David explains the famous Romaric Hoffman rope routine with a devastating climax you will love performing for people as soon as you learn it.

Simple but very impressive bank note production from a torn piece of a paper napkin. This routine is an ideal 'opener' for any occasion.

You find a selected card along with the three others of the same value. As if that weren't enough, the whole deck disappears. Ghost is a beautiful and amazing effect for the right audience at the right time

Watch Out
Three coins magically travel from your hand to the spectator's hand. They think it's amazing, and their reaction will let you know.

David teaches you the famous crossed hand routine as performed by Mr. Copperfield. Simple and elegant.

Bonneteau Hierling
Learn the classical Three Card Monte and even fool magicians in the second part. This is a wonderful approach, with a great twist to the standard Three Card Monte routines.

Flash Card
Your spectator's selected card appears in a 'FLASHY' way.

Cig Clean
David teaches you Cigarette manipulation. It's very clean work for one on one situations.

Card manipulation for close-up conditions. You talk about misdirection for stage acts and close up too. David ends the card section with a great surprise, don't blink.

Coin Glass
Three coins magically travel from your hands to a glass. Perfect for loud performing environments. The visual magic combined with sound effects and a little misdirection, combine to give you one of the best coin effects you can perform in public.

Voile rouge
The deck of cards you've been using all night, magically changes from red to blue. All while your audience watches in disbelief. This is commercial magic at it's finest.

Four kings travel from your hand to the table without any help. The finale to this routine is worth learn the entire effect. Wait until you see...

Sponge magic should always be pure, fluid, and magical. Sponge is the routine beginners should start with, and the routine the pros will end with. This is probably the most underrated routine on this DVD.

Flash Deck
Looking for a new piece of magic to open your set with? How about a full deck production using flash paper? You will only learn it here.

Snow Ball
A gambling routine by nature. Not only is it easy, and very impressive for lay people, but your audience will think you’re a card shark when you are finished.

Tear and restore a restaurant napkin, any time any where! This is a real strong effect with a truly outstanding ending. Did we forget to mention it's completely impromptu?

Bite Me
Imagine the perfect restaurant setting. You approach a couple spending their anniversary at the special restaurant you appear at. After your introduction, you want to give a special gift to the couple - You produce a unopened bottle of wine. David teaches you a different technique and a new approach to this jaw dropping effect.

More than just another instructional DVD:
  • Watch the making of the Real Secrets of Magic DVD. See what it took to film this DVD.

  • Award winning trailer THE REAL SECRETS OF MAGIC (Grand Prix Las Vegas) as seen above.

  • Biographies of the Director Jean-Luc Bertrand and David Stone.

  • Gallery of Magic Photos by award winning French photographer Zakary Belamy.

  • Other magic video teasers.
What began as a fun magic DVD became one of the biggest productions ever made in the magic industry. The filming lasted 11 days over a period of 18 months.

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