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How to Handle Hecklers

Format: Softback Book
Size: 120+ pages
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How to Handle Hecklers

Learn The Art Of Self Defence Against Heckler

Keith Fields new book will teach you the art of self defence against hecklers. His extensive experiences with audiences are jam packed it into 120 mind-blowing pages of solid advice, notes, and effective put-downs (over 200!).

Learn to turn imminent disaster into instant success.

Some time in your performing career, there's a small chance, someone somewhere will heckle you. How you handle yourself, and the situation, will determine your success as an effective performer.

When asked what to do, an untrained amateur might first think to answer back with the best heckler stopper known.

Unlike other books like this on the market, the brilliance of this book is that heckler stoppers are not the suggested course of action. In fact, Keith Fields offers several strategies to quell any situations you may encounter out in the real world.

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"You'll learn how to turn imminent disaster into instant success!" says Duncan Trillio.

Think about this ...

If your only tool is the hammer (the heckle stopper), then you will see every problem as a nail. And there are many times that bringing down that big powerful hammer is not the judicious thing to do.

Clearly, not every heckler situation is the same. Keith Fields analyzes many different ones in depth. By studying these scenarios provided, you will learn to maneuver out of any sticky situation.

A partial list of topics covered in this book :

  • What is a heckle?
  • The female heckler
  • So what do I do if I'm heckled?
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Good heckles
  • Learn from experience
  • Strategies
  • The funny heckler
  • The drunk heckler
  • The persistent heckler
  • The honest heckler
  • The machine gun put down
  • Different rules for different groups
  • Lines to use with care
  • Audience members walking out
  • People talking
-plus much more...

How to handle hecklers by Keith Fields offers invaluable advice and presents perfect solutions for just about every conceivable heckle that you are ever likely to face in your performing career.

Final word: Buy this book because it contains some of the best advice ever offered on audience control and management.

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