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No Matter How Fast, It Won't Be Fast Enough

What is "Coin Snatching" & why should I buy this book?

At least one of the snatches in this 214 page beautifully hardbound book titled Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder is almost 100 years old. Others are a quarter of a century old. And a few were invented in the last couple of years.

The effect has been around for a long time ... and people have been performing it incorrectly for just about as long.
Why? Their timing is off, and their presentations are ... pitiful.

For the first time, Keith Pascal shares story lines, patter, and especially tips for subtly using the effect to build your reputation. There is no bragging involved with his methods of demonstrating this minor miracle.

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"There's no stronger moment than when smoething magical apparently happen in your own hand. This book is filled with that," says Nathan Kranzo.

No matter how fast the hand closes, it won't be fast enough to beat you.

Keith will walk you step by step through methods of stealing a coin from a participant's hand and leaving another in its place. The participant won't even know a switch was made.

Have you ever heard of someone having such fast reflexes that he or she could steal a pebble or coin from another's hand before it could close?

According to a popular 70s TV show, a true shaolin master could snatch a pebble from a participant's hand with blinding speed.

Imagine being so fast you could grab a small object out someone else's hand before he could react. Does this sound impressive? Bruce Lee was so fast, that he was known for his ability to not only steal a coin from someone's hand, but he had time to leave another in its place!

Picture this ...
Bruce Lee would place a dime (10 cents) in the participant's hand. He told the participant to close his hand, before Bruce could steal the coin.

The participant closed his hand as fast as possible. He felt that he had succeeded. He still held the coin.

When the spectator opened his hand, he was astonished to find that he no longer held the dime. A penny (one cent) had been left in its place.

Does this sound impossible?
Now, You Can Learn to Snatch and Switch a Coin - Guaranteed!

Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder is the first book devoted to developing this talent and building your reputation with this newfound skill. Learn from the coin-snatching expert. Keith (Kip) Pascal will show you everything from the easiest Beginner's Grab to Kip's Take (The cleanest way to switch one coin for another in a participant's hand). In no time, you'll be astounding everyone with the Upside-Down Impossible Coin Grab. You'll be able to perform this amazing steal successfully five minutes after reading the directions. Not all of the moves are as easy as the Upside-Down Impossible Coin Grab. Some will require more practice...but all are very practical.

You'll also learn to guide the conversation, allow others to request a performance from you, and even how to link your presentation to a story. (Anecdotes are provided in the book.)

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