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.....David Stone's Close-Up Magic has a parental advisory because of its explicit content.


The REAL Secrets Of Magic

If you thought the Real Secrets of Magic DVD was amazing, wait until you read this new book! It's jam-packed with everything David couldn't talk about on his videos.

The real secrets of professional magicians are not their routines. If you want to be a pro, you don't need another book of tricks, you need a guide through the world of professional close-up magic.

Within these pages you will discover how to:

  • - Perform your opening trick with maximum impact.
  • - Establish yourself as an authority at any event.
  • - Get spectators to ask for your business card.
  • - Instantly spot the most lucrative tables when performing.

    Learn the real secrets of magic with a book full of concrete advice, funny anecdotes and pointers from one of the best in the business.

    Already a cult classic in France, this bestseller has finally been translated into English.

    David Stone leaves no rock unturned, and literally spills every juicy technique you could imagine. He explains that the secret to how something works is only 1/16 of what it actually takes to being a magician

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  • "This book is an entertaining way to provise you with the magic behind the magic,"  says Steve Beam.

    Read this book and learn...

    ~~ 4 complete sections on how to approach a table, setting the stage for a great close-up performance.
    ~~ Plus 4 more sections on how to present your first trick for maximum impact.
    ~~ How to instantly spot the most lucrative tables.
    ~~ 6 steps to making a classy exit.

    ~~ How to get spectators and potential clients to ask for your business card every time.
    ~~ The best time to promote yourself — hint, it’s not during the performance.
    ~~ How to make your agency look good, if you use one.

    ~~ Make spectators feel lucky to have received extra attention.
    ~~ What to do about a request for an encore at a table.
    ~~ 2 strong principles and 15 phrases designed to elicit applause.
    ~~ The best moment to cut in for the best effect. You’ll also learn to manage the timing of an event for a smooth gig.

    ~~ Rules for table magic performances (ignore these and you could be performing at the absolute worst time.)
    ~~ How to get other tables to request you; discover David Stone’s unique private methods.

    Also learn the rules for table magic performances, what to do about a request for an encore at a table, the best time to promote yourself, and even how to win over an audience.

    You’ll find even more within these pages, including a conclusion that will inspire you in the move from amateur to professional.

    David's book, 'Close-Up Secrets', reveals the rest of what you truly need to know. Own this amazing book, take advantage of the strong information, and become a better magician.

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