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Instantaneously Rise To The Top

The effect is simple and strong. A selected card melts upward through the deck in three stages. Watch the video below.

The slow motion Ambitious Card plot has proven a favorite among the coterie of advanced sleight of hand men. Aaron has been developing his personal handling,
The Graduate, for over a decade.

As you can see from he video preview above - the results are striking. Aaron designed this version for real world angles and practical conditions. The Graduate uses no broad arm gestures and allows you to stand a comfortable distance from the audience.

On top of all that - It looks like real magic.

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The Ambitious Graduate, as it was called, first appeared in 2002 in Genii magazine. The method worked well in intimate circumstances, but only in intimate circumstances, as the shift required you to dip your right fingers, which would have been visible from other angles and more distant spectator positions. All that has changed now with this brand new work - THE GRADUATE.

The Effect
After causing a selection to instantaneously rise to the top of the pack, the magician repeats the effect in slow motion, this time allowing the spectators to watch as the card visibly moves upward through the deck in three stages.

On the Gradual Shift
In this section, you'll learn to keep the shift tight - as tight as the design allows. Do this and you'll have an illusion you can proudly present for years to come.

Toward An Even More Deceptive Shift
The shift is already all but accomplished. No get ready remains - you can truly accomplish the gradual shift just as you would the classic pass, at the exact moment your hands meet.

Origins and Credits
These are the credits that appeared in Aaron Fisher's FISM 2003 Notes when he first published an earlier version of The Ambitious Graduate. Learn its lineage and understand its progression.

"Be inspired by the marvels of the pass within Aaron Fisher's facinating routine - The Graduate," says Jim Steinmeyer.

A note from Lee Asher:

"Even though this is a pretty straightforward technique, Aaron Fisher takes you by the hand and teaches you exactly what to do in order to perform the Graduate properly.

His clearly written instructions guide you every step of the way, and there are photo and video examples provided. When finished, there will be little room for any confusion, doubt, and indecision about how to perform The Graduate.

It’s almost as if Aaron Fisher was right there with you."

- Lee Asher

*The Graduate Booklet will be delivered via the United States Post Office.

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