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Webcam Skype Lesson
Length Per Lesson: 45 min.
Price Per Lesson: $75.00

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One-On-One Style Mentoring

Have you see the performance of Continental Divide on Youtube? If not, it's pretty cool and worth your time.
Watch the video below.

Want to learn more about this mysterious move you keep hearing about called Pulp Friction?

Even if you already know Pulp Friction, it's not easy to continually motivate yourself to practice when you reach certain challenges that seem beyond your capabilities. With my skype lessons, you receive a more personal and personable approach to learning the Pulp Friction technique with all its glorious applications.

Each lesson is approx.
45 minutes in length.

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Contacting Lee, setting-up times and getting started was EASY! While Pulp Friction too some practice, it's got to be the best new weapon in my arsenal. I've been fooling EVERYONE! - Benjamin G. Satisfied Pulp Friction Skype Lesson Customer

At this time, other than purchasing the Pulp Friction lecture notes or finding a copy of the sold-out magazine Penumbra #3, the only other place to learn it - is from me. I'm offering a limited amount of online skype lessons.

If I want to take more than one lesson, is there a special deal? Yes!!! There are special deals if you'd like to purchase several lessons at one time. Please contact me for more information about these special rates. NOTE: If you'd like to learn Pulp Friction and all of the applications including Continental Divide, it takes approx. 5 lessons.

Take One-on-One Skype Lessons With Me
The lessons are taught using Skype technology which means you must be somewhat proficient with this software (know how to make and accept calls) before agreeing to take lessons.

How do we set this up?
Within 24hrs of you purchasing a lesson, we contact each other via email and schedule appointments amenable for both of us. We agree to a specific time and date, then get to it.

What's expected of me once I start lessons?
To make progress at a reasonable rate, you'll need to commit at least an hour a day to practice.

Experience is a hard thing to place a numerical or monetary value upon, but most of us recognize that experience is irreplaceable in any field. You may be able to accomplish your goals by yourself, but you'll find with my empathy, knowledge and experience will get you where you want to be faster and in a more enjoyable way.

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