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Interview with Kip Pascal about David Stone's new book

I had an opportunity to catch up with Kip Pascal, one of the main proof readers of the new David Stone book. He graciously took a few minutes to answer some questions about being part of the project. Enjoy.

- Lee Asher

Kip Pascal speaks about David Stone's new book : Close Up Secrets

Asher: What editing did you do for France's number #1 magician - David Stone?

Pascal: It started out with me only correcting one chapter. Then he sent me one more. The two more, and then a few more. Until I proofed the majority of the book - Close Up Secrets by David Stone.

Asher: In your David Stone is a FISM winner. Read his new book now by clicking here.opinion, is this another magic book with the same old information?

Pascal: Absolutely not. While I love the information found in books by people like Henning Nelms, Ken Weber, Jim Pace, and Dariel Fitzkee - this book is more jam-packed with the "secrets behind the secrets" for the magician of today than anywhere else.

Asher: Wow. That's a serious statement. Could you point out some of your personal highlights in this book?

Pascal: Before we talk about specifics in the book, I want to say there were key points in my life where I had to make certain career decisions. If I had had this book in my possession back then, my life might have been different.

Specifically, I admire how David takes the hassles out of the business aspect of being a magician.

I also love the way he deals with his introductions of his effects, his entrances, and his exits. For example, I have a tendency to linger when performing, and David's advice on how to end the performance would be perfect for my style. Again, I wish I had access to this information twenty five years ago.

Asher: Any other benefits to owning this book?

Pascal: Yes, this may sound like a joke, but ... it fits nicely in your back pocket. David designed it so you'd carry it wherever you go. Meaning, he wants you to study it, live with it, and take as much from it as possible.

Which is more important to you right now? Learning another trick, or becoming a better magician?

Simply put, the benefit to this book is ... "read it and become a better magician!"

Asher: Maybe some people might think a book this important would feel 'dry' and painful to consume. What were your honest impressions when first reading it?

Pascal: It's not dry at all!

In fact, it's presented as a full-course meal; from appetizer to dessert. Each course is filled with comedy - humor that may be a bit 'spicy' for some. That's why there's an explicit content label on the book. However, this book speaks to you.

Even though it's a fun read, each message is clear, concise, and important. The advice distinguishes the smooth magician from the struggling amateur. Which one are you, and which one do you want to be?

Asher: Spicy humor? Did you ever laugh aloud when proofing the manuscript?

Pascal: Absolutely. While I won't give any specific quotes away, I appreciate the famous lines from celebrities that he starts each chapter with.

I also appreciate David's personal quips peppered through the book....

OK, I'll give you just one. As I leaf through the pages, Lee, call out 'stop'.


Ah, here's one from the chapter on approaching a table (chapter 14): When someone turns David away from performing, they are almost apologetic: "I'm sorry...Granny Francis just passed on....We haven't heard from her lawyer yet, so we are a little preoccupied."

Asher: Like his DVDs the Real Secrets of Magic, this book is filled with pure David Stone. I can attest to that. My question to you, being one of the proof readers for this book, and the owner of the Real Secrets of Magic DVDs is - which format is better to learn from?

David Stone performing magic in a restaurant. click here to purchase his new book - Close up SecretsPascal: Lee, I'd wish you let me answer, "You need to own both the book and the DVDs." They are all funny, give great advice, and are filled with quality information. But if you're forcing me to choose one, I'd pick 'the book' without question.

My reasoning is two pronged:

One : You get a lot more suggestions in the book. For every two suggestions about receiving applause or getting paid on time found on the DVD, it seems like you get ten to fifteen in the book.

Two: You only see the performance style of David Stone. It's great fun to watch David on DVD, but I will never be him. I won't even try. He's smart enough to understand that everyone is different, so he wrote the book. His book caters to all the different styles. The book spoke to 'me' and offered me more choices than the DVD.

Asher: My final question to you, now that this book is printed - How do you feel about being part of this remarkable project?

Pascal: When David first approached me, I was more than happy to do a favor by correcting a chapter for a friend. But when all the chapters were dumped in my lap, I panicked a little. Because I have so many writing projects of my own, there was only so much time in the day.

Now that it's all said and done, I'm proud to have had a hand in shaping what is destined to be a classic in magic. I know that sounds corny, but it's really how I feel. It's that good!

Who is Kip Pascal?

Kip Pascal has been a magician since 1967 (age 7). Years later, he paid for college with magic, and nowadays, he writes articles with, and edits books for, some of the best magicians in the field.

Kip is also the author of Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder by Kip Pascal.

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