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Important details about the sale of J Nugs (2009)

Over the past few months, many questions have been raised about the sale of Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards on LeeAsher.com. Below, you'll find the top ten most asked questions (in no particular order) along with the answers.

1) How much will these decks cost?
Below is a chart of how the cards will be sold in 2009. While it was stated that price would be announced on May 8th, 2009, I've decided to list the details right now to combat any dissapointment some might have. Notice that each rung has a certain number of decks at a specific price. If you're fast enough, you'll be able to purchase a deck of Jerry's Nugget Playing cards for WAY LESS than 2009's market value. Good luck.

Tiers How many decks per Price per deck
Rung 1 the first 5 $50
Rung 2 the next 5 $75
Rung 3 the next 10 $100
Rung 4 the next 10 $125
Rung 5 the next 25 $150
Rung 6 the next 22 $175
* Note - Once a rung sells out, the cart will automatically update to reflect the new price.

2) Are these real Jerry's Nuggets cards from 1970?
Yes. The 77 decks being sold on LeeAsher.com (2009) are the genuine thing. Be assured that you are purchasing a real pack of Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards. They will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and case to store your collectable.

3) May I send a check, money order, or any other form of cash to purchase a deck?
Sorry, no. You may only purchase a deck using the shopping cart provided on this website. At this time, Paypal and Google checkout are your only two options.

4) Can you save a deck for me until I get home?
Jerry's Nugget decks cannot be reserved. Do what it takes to be there on May 8th, 2009 at 3pm EST in order to maxamize your chance to purchase a deck.

5) May I check out with more than one deck in the shopping cart?
To be fair to everyone, you are limited to placing one deck in the shopping cart. You can try to put in more, but you'll be penalized and lose time. You risk missing out on purchasing a deck. Play fair. Being sneaky will not help you in this situation.

6) How do I enter Contest Three (Jerry's Nugget lottery)?
Once you purchase a deck of Jerry's from this website, your name will be automatically entered to win. Two winners will be selected at random, and then awarded once all 77 decks sell out. If you don't buy a deck in time, you will not be entered into contest three.

7) How do I know if I've won any of the three J Nugg contests?
Contest one and two are now over. All winners will be notified via email. If you're not contacted about the contest, then you did not win.

8) If these Jerry's Nugget cards sell out, will there be any more for sale in 2009?
Not on LeeAsher.com. Once they sell out, they are sold out for 2009. Please know that if you miss your opportunity to purchase a deck of authentic Jerry's Nugget cards on the 8th of May 2009, there will be another chance in 2010. Stay tuned for more details.

9) Can't I just purchase a Jerry's Nugget deck on Ebay?
You sure can, but you won't be guaranteed that it's authentic. Buyer beware on Ebay. Please be careful.

10) I don't want to leave LeeAsher.com empty-handed on May 8th, 2009. What should I do?
While I cannot guarantee a Jerry's deck for everyone this time, I will begin pre-selling my signature series 605 decks that same day.

For more information about my cards, please click here.

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