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Asher Twist

One at a time, four aces revolve face-up then face down again, delighting your audience each time it happens. As a finale, all the aces perform an about-face in a stunning fashion. Looking for more information about the Asher Twist?

Continental Divide - as seen on the Eric Lecleric 365 Show Project

In this clip, I perform the Continental Divide, which was first published in the PENUMBRA #3. This is the first time it ever appears on video for everyone to see. This video is from Day 247 of the Eric Lecleric 365 day project (Sep 4, 2011). It happened to be in the middle of a great week at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp so you'll see a few campers and staffers hanging around. Read more about Eric Lecleric's 365 Project.

Magic Is A Higher Form Of Learning

The final thought offered on the Asher Twist DVD reflects my feelings about respecting the art of magic. Please watch this video multiple times. Looking for more information about the Asher Twist?

A Series Of Unfortunate Effects

Get ready for a magic adventure like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Join Ben Train and Chris Mayhew on their quest to learn one of magic’s best kept secrets. Along the way, you’ll meet underground magicians, avoid sadistic card collectors, and laugh at the entire crazy misadventure- all while learning how to perform eight powerful routines. Read more about A Series of Unfortunate Effects.

Card Art - Stop Motion Animation with Lee Asher 605 Playing Cards

German magician, Markus Cosinus, created a quick stop animation clip using high quality playing cards made by Fournier specifically for Lee Asher. They are dubbed the 605 Series. The end result of Markus Cosinus' tedious efforts is a fun and inspiring piece of video. Read more about the 605 Series Playing Cards by Lee Asher and Fournier.

Thunderbird PDF Video Trailer

One of the many trailers for Thunderbird : The Modern Ace Production.

Imagine if you had real magical powers. How would you make four aces appear at your fingertips? Picture bringing your hands together, in front of you, and an ace magically appears between them. Without hesitation, you take this newly-produced card, and effortlessly split it into two aces. The audience's gaze is riveted to your hands. Fearful of missing your next move, they don't even blink. The third ace materializes right out of thin air - at your fingertips.

For the finale, with the cards held motionless, the fourth and final ace visually appears between the other three aces. Your audience can not speak; they don't believe their own eyes. Read more about Thundebird: The Modern Ace Production

Diving Board Double PDF Video Trailer

This is a trailer for the Diving Board Double PDF. Please note, only the Acrobatic version of the move is show in this video. The great background music is written, played, and produced by Ebay Jamil. Read more about the Diving Board Double.

Slap that Ace

The spectator tries to find the four aces and fails by finding four wrong cards. The magician takes the four cards and magically changes them into the four aces.

Panini by Lee Asher - performed by Dan Buck

Exclusively found at DanandDave.com

Panini - The Ace of Spades magically transforms into the signed selection.

It's simple, direct and a lots of fun to show around. These are three qualites we've come to appreciate these qualities in Lee Asher's material - and Panini is no exception. This entry-level card routine is impromptu, works under fire and never fails to impress.

With these detailed on-demand instructions, you'll learn to perform Panini with little effort. Seize the day and start performing this easy Lee Asher routine right now.

Learn more about Panini here.

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CardStar Diaries by Lee Asher

Lee Asher's Latest News!02.04.17 Looking for an awesomely simple force that will fool your audience?

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Lee Asher's Latest News!02.03.17 Constant innovation, the desire to improve the quality of their playing cards, and the exquisite attention to detail have made Fournier one of the world’s leading card manufacturers.

The 605s are designed to maintain their original form and to be handled for many hours without symptoms of wear or suffering any tears. Pick some up today.

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