Tools For Playing Card Collectors
Brown Lee Asher 605 Playing Cards

$11.95 - List Price: $13.95 (15% off)
Available in: Green & Brown

High Quality Playing Cards

One at a time, four aces revolve face-up then face down again, delighting your audience each time it happens. As a finale, all the aces perform an about-face in an amazing fashion. You have to see it, to believe it!

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Blue Angel Ascal Playing Cards

$11.95 - List Price: $13.95 (15% off)
Available in: Red & Blue

High Emboss Playing Cards

Originally produced in Japan by Angel Playing Card Company, these uncanceled casino playing cards were intended for the Pacific Cruise Line gaming tables. With spring-like premium casino stock and an Air Cushion-esque finish, these durable cards are built to withstand the constant use of gambling patrons manhandling them.

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Blue Seal BEE Playing Cards

$14.95 - List Price: $16.95 (12% off)
Available in: Red & Blue

Printed at USPC's Cincinnati plant, these cards were manufactured with premium-grade casino bee card stock and the ever-popular proprietary cambric finish. Contains a tamper-resistant Bee security strip + an authentic blue seal.

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Care & Condition Your Playing Cards
Break In Your Deck
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 15 min. Read

Learn how to break in a deck of playing cards by reading this complimentary manuscript. After years of experimentation and practice, the techniques contained within have given me great success. Now it's your turn to learn to care for your cards.

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Store Your Playing Cards Properly
Store Playing Cards
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 4 min. Read

After purchasing some playing cards, where & how should they be stored? Humidity, light & manhandling take a toll on your cards. Anwsers on how to store your playing cards and more are found within this short must-read article.

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Learn to date a deck of playing cards
Date Your Cards
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 7 min. Read

Have you ever wondered when your playing cards were manufactured? How old are they, really? Read this quick informative article and learn how to expertly date a deck of playing cards so you can know when it was made.

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Grade Your Playing Cards
Grade Playing Cards
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 9 min. Read

What condition are your playing cards in at this moment? Not really sure? Not a problem. Learn how to grade your playing cards by listening to this quick interview as well as reading this short article by playing card experts Thomas & Judy Dawson.

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Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards
Jerry's Nugget Cards
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 20 min. Read

Jerry's Nugget Casino Playing Cards (made by USPC) are highly prized & over the years they have become increasingly valuable. Find resources here to help educate you about buying & owning this kind of vintage deck.

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Titanic Playing Cards
Playing Cards On The Titanic
Written by Thomas Dawson | Approx. 6 min. Read

Believe it or not, playing cards have been recovered from the R.M.S. Titanic which sits on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Read this article by Thomas Dawson and learn more about the playing cards that lasted through this maritime disaster.

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52 Plus Joker
Playing Card Collectors Club
Written by Lee Asher | Approx. 5 min. Read

Since 1985, 52 Plus Joker (American Playing Card Collectors Organization) has promoted the wonderful hobby of collecting playing cards to enthusiasts all around the globe.

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